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RapidShot Hockey Training System

SoNo Ice House is home to the ONLY RapidShot Hockey Training System in New England

About RapidShot

The RapidShot Hockey Training System Is Patented, featuring an automatic conveyor system that collects and passes REAL, official hockey pucks. Shoot up to 800 pucks per hour! Like a batting cage for baseball, RapidShot is becoming a fundamental hockey training and assessment tool for hockey players and coaches.

 There are 8 pass speeds and intervals for training snap shot, wrist shot, backhand and one-timers. RapidShot is the only professional shooting system in the world that measures accuracy, shot speed and reaction time.

RapidShot Network

All RapidShot centers have the same database structure, with their respective member and performance data maintained. Throughout the day, each center uploads its member tables to the RapidShot central sever, including new members registered that day.


Membership Cards

30 minute - $50

60 minute - $75

120 minute - $140

To purchase a card download and fill-out the Membership Application below and return it to the pro shop

11 Week Training Package

Ages 9 and Under / Beginners

 Requires supervision


 Evaluation week followed by 10 weeks of shooting.

7 sessions include a coach from the SoNo Ice House Staff

6.1 Hours of shooting with a total os 2080 shots taken

General (10 and Up*)

*Ages 12 and under require supervision


 Evalutaion Week followed by 10 weeks of shooting

3 sessions include a coach from the SoNo Ice House Staff

7.2 Hours of shooting with a total of 3040 shots