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Sense Arena System at SoNo Ice House


300 Wilson Avenue
Norwalk, Connecticut 06854

Monday-Friday: 10 am - 12 pm & 12:30 pm - 3:30 pm

P. 203-956-0255



Please reach out to 

Jay Mountain 

for any Questions or Concerns

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Please reach out to Jay Mountain at or by phone at (203) 249 - 8426 to purchase and book your appointment.

Sense Arena's Read & React Technology

Sense Arena's READ & REACT methodology consists of several complex hockey skills. Players need to be able to make quick decisions that will improve their REACTION TIME on the ice.

Players' high-speed decision making and fast REACTION TIME puts them a step ahead of the competition. Players who train their brains in these skills perform higher than those who focus only on physical training. Their mind tells their body what to do, not the other way around.

REACTION TIME is the amount of time it takes to respond to a stimulus and making the correct decision in response. Some examples are, a goalie making a save, a player dodging a bodycheck or the speed of passing the puck to a teammate. All of this happens almost instantly.

Our REACTIONS are determined and controlled by our nervous systems: the central nervous system, consisting of the spinal cord and brain, and the peripheral nervous system, which are nerves that are not part of the spine or brain.

A great example of a player with great REACTION TIME is Sidney Crosby, the captain of Pittsburgh Penguins. Click here to watch his incredible play!

REACTION TIME training is a must for all hockey players who are serious about improving their game. Sense Arena has many drills that focus on REACTION TIME. Click one of the links below to watch an example and set up your training plan with our certified coaches!